Life’s trigger points will creep up on us if we aren’t careful, and when they come, they’ll demolish our every attempt to experience true happiness. So let’s start this new year by forgiving ourselves, even before we forgive others. Before God can bless us with our heart’s desires for 2016, we must delight ourselves in him. Only then, will he reward us with those dreams, goals, and aspirations that cause us to day-dream or have sleepless nights. Once we make the conscious decision to delight ourselves by partaking in his word, spending time in prayer, trusting and believing his promises for us, and partaking in a true Christian lifestyle of obedience, he will grant our desires.

Desires of My Heart


Right now, let’s make the decision to clear our minds and hearts  from from any trigger that will lead us down the ugly road to  unforgiveness. We will be held accountable for our own “HEART WORK” !!!  Free yourself from life’s clutter and distractions, as well as lingering grudges, anger, fear, regret, guilt, pain, confusion, frustration, etc. Today, I encourage you to forgive yourself for being impatient and sad, feeling neglected and confused, being anxious and bitter, or even becoming irritated and angry. Forgive yourself for those decisions that you felt were needed, in order to keep your life from becoming a shattered picture of grief and turmoil. Forgive yourself for hurting others or thinking unkindly about others. Forgive yourself for not accomplishing all of the items on your checklist, not following the projected timeline for your life, and neglecting your dreams. Forgive yourself for saying hurtful words or showing others the worst side of yourself. Forgive yourself for settling and wasting time and money. Forgive yourself for not giving your best or taking what was not rightfully yours. Forgive yourself for not loving yourself and placing unrealistic expectations on yourself and others. Forgive yourself for being unprepared or unsuccessful. Forgive yourself for making unhealthy choices and decisions. Forgive yourself for not forgiving others. Forgive yourself for being comfortable in your dysfunction. Forgive yourself for not speaking up and holding back. Forgive yourself for not spending time with God. FORGIVE YOURSELF for every decision that goes against the promises of God. Forgive yourself from EVERYTHING!!


Forgiveness is Freedom

So, what are your personal triggers that contribute to your unforgiveness?  I encourage you to release them and be free. Break through the chains in your life that cause guilt  and make the decision today to forgive yourself. Always remember, you are responsible for your own salvation. So, go ahead and forgive yourself. God is waiting on you.


“Dear Lord,

I forgive my mind for thinking that I should be perfect and without sin. I forgive my mind for thinking that I should not be taking risks and living my life the way I want to live and not through the eyes of anyone or their expectations for me. I forgive my mind for thinking I am not good enough for jobs, relationships, promotions,  and special tasks. I forgive my mind for thinking I am not strong enough to handle any and all situations. I forgive myself for judging myself and others. I forgive myself for not believing that I am good enough. I forgive myself for not believing that I deserve God’s best. I forgive myself for not meeting my goals by a certain time. I forgive myself for being complacent and comfortable with mediocre things. I forgive myself for not believing that I am beautiful, talented, and valuable. I forgive myself for thinking I’m “too”…..too old, too tall/short, too busy, too loud, too broke, etc. I forgive myself for not believing that God is in control and trusting him with my everything.

In Jesus Name……AMEN

Forgive Yourself



A Passion to Serve

TeacherNeverForget (1)What an ultimate gift it is to be able to positively affect the lives of the next generation of professionals! What an awesome reward it is to watch the minds of children grow and develop into creative and critical thinkers. The profession of teaching is not for everyone, and those gifts and rewards of success won’t shine through everyday, but to teach is to love, inspire, and simply serve others. Teaching is quite a calling, uniquely and divinely awarded to those individuals who have love to share with the lives of those they serve daily. Yes, serving!!! Teaching simply means serving the masses of children that need the encouragement, motivation, support, knowledge, or consistent practice to accomplish their goals. As a teacher, you are the secret keeper of those insecurities and hindrances that children embody that contribute to their failures, but remarkably at the same time, you are the support network to help them overcome those failures. You’ll work collaboratively with a network of others who share your passion to serve, and some that may not share your passion too! But, the beauty of teaching is that you are entrusted each year with a group of young people who trust you to lead them, and when you lead them from the heart, lead them with wisdom, lead them with humility, and serve their needs as if they were your own, the outcome is simply rewarding. Simply put,if you make the commitment to teach from the heart, serve from the heart, and lead from the heart……You’ll be glad you did!  The reward will be well worth your journey!!!